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Our award-winning event planning staff can help create a variety of customized activities, developed in order to perfectly satisfy the needs of your group based on time, budget, and particular desires. Our activities are held in a variety of venues and neighborhoods throughout Cleveland and greater northeast region of Ohio.

Customized Food Tours

We offer customized Food Tours for nearly all group sizes (2-1000+ guests). To accomodate large groups, we separate large parties into smaller, and more intimate groups. Additionally, we bring additional guides and hosts on our large, custom Food Tours to ensure greater interaction, and assistance.

Experiential Tours

We customize multiple day experiential tours that bring together the elements of a food tour into an in-depth 'farm to table' experience throughout the region. Contact us for an itinerary today.

Team Building

We offer a number of creative, culinary team building events, specifically designed to provide corporate groups with hands-on, fun events held nearly anywhere in Cleveland. We bring in expertly trained chefs and certified sommeliers that provide guidance to guests during the activities.

Click on any of the activities for additional information, or contact us by email at or by phone at 216-395-0132 to set up your event with Taste Cleveland Food Tours and 4Lobe Events!

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For any additional information regarding our culinary events, activities and food tours, you can call us at 216-395-0132, email us at, or fill out the contact information below. A member of our staff will reply to all inquiries.

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food tours

food toursOur standard Food Tours brings together an area's culture, history, architecture, as well as its local food and drink.

During a Food Tour, guests are provided with a fully guided historic and cultural tour with visits to 3-5 local establishments, where guests receive specially created dishes and drinks that reflect the neighborhood, including its past and present.

Our market tours provide and insiders look at the West Side Market, the iconic Cleveland market serving the city for over 120 years. Market Tours feature stops at various stalls to meet vendors, learn their stories, and taste their specialties.

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dine around

dine around A Dine Around is a more formal and customizable version of our standard Food Tour. It offers a 5-6 course progressive meal served at two or three critically acclaimed restaurants.

Dine Arounds will typically offer lengthier stops at each establishment, allowing time for guests to enjoy multiple courses and network with associates.

Dine Arounds can be completely customized to accommodate nearly any budget, from low-cost to VIP. Specialized beer, wine, cocktail parents can be added at different restaurants and establishments to help complement the dishes. Receptions can be added either before or after the Dine Around based on the needs of the client.



culinary challenge

culinary challenge Our Culinary Challenge events are a number of friendly, yet competitive team building activities that can be run in nearly any venue throughout Cleveland.

Regardless of the particular event, the goal of a Culinary Challenge is to foster innovation, creativity, and teamwork in a competitive, yet fun environment.

Additionally, catered meals, cocktails, open bars, and receptions can be added to compliment the competition with food and drink.

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Culinary scavenger hunt

 special events The culinary scavenger hunt is a fully interactive teambuilding event that takes placeby foot within a particular neighborhood, or by vehicle throughout the city.

During the activity, groups use a series of clues, tips, and quizzes and work with guides in order to gather information and find particular items needed to get the answers and finish the hunt.

A typical culinary scavenger hunt brings guests to 4 to 7 local establishments for food, drinks or both. All groups reunite at the conclusion of the scavenger hunt as members of the Taste Cleveland Food Tours team determine the winner and gives out prizes.

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corporate teambuilding events

team building With nearly 3000 corporate clients located throughout North America, we offer the experience and reputation necessary to put together an unforgettable event for your company, regardless of occasion.

A number of our activities have been created especially for teambuilding, such as our Culinary Challenge series, and scavenger hunt, while the rest can be modified to include teambuilding elements during the activity.

Have an idea for an activity or event but don't see it on our list? No problem. We will be happy to put together for your group.

EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION or call us at 2216-395-0132.


cooking classes

cooking classes We work with local chefs and pastry chefs to offer a variety of hands-on cooking classes. Our classes allow guests to learn various cooking techniques and styles and to apply them immediately while making a great dish or series of dishes.

Choose the style of cuisine, time, and venue, and we will put together a cooking class for you and your guests that matches your needs as much as possible.

Our cooking classes are typically offered for small and medium-size groups. Call us for additional details.

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single and Multi-day Tours

coming soon Our experiential single and multi-day Tours will bring you and your group on a culinary and cultral adventure through Cleveland and greater Northeast Ohio. Visit farmers, fisherman, winemakers, and Bakers and learn about their story, products, and inspirations.

Explore the region as you visit historic towns and enjoy classic dishes, local favorites, and seasonal specialties. Learn about the history and culture of the region from a highly-trained guide.

Experiential single and multi-day Food Tours are typically 1 to 5 days but can be longer if your group desires. You can also choose the regions that you want to visit. Contact us to check out our itineraries today!

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bar and pub crawls Enjoy great neighborhoods and classic drinking (and eating) spots as well as games, trivia, shots and prizes, on our historic bar and pub crawls.

Our Bar and Pub Crawls combine a guided historic, cultural, architectural tour with stops at local bars and pubs. At each stop, the guide will teach you about the establishment, and it's history. Guests can enjoy drink specials, or choose a specially selected drink. While at the bar, guides will test guests' skills with games and trivia.

The ultimate pub crawl provides preset drinks and food for great clubs or bars for an unforgettable afternoon or evening. Please contact us for more information about either type of crawl.

EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION or call us at 216-395-0132.



coming soon Ideal for groups looking to explore both Cleveland and the surrounding region from a unique perspective, our single and multi-day Educational Tours are available for students of all ages.

We offer all-inclusive tours that provide exceptional safety, support, and educational experience at the best price and value.

Student tours are available on both weekdays and weekends throughout the year. Call us for an itinerary today.

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wedding activities

wedding activities 4Lobe events specializes in the planning and execution of a number of wedding activities including rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, photography, family activities, hotel selection and booking, and transportation acquisition.

Or focus is to oversee the planning and logistical aspects of your wedding to remove any unneeded stress from your big day. Without the added pressure, you can enjoy the company of your family, friends and loved ones, as well as the beauty of the wedding itself.

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wine AND beer TOURS

wine beer tours Our brewery and winery tours are developed specially for groups interested in learning more about and enjoying locally crafted beverages, and meeting the hard-working individuals dedicated to keeping their businesses running.

On the beer and wine tours, you will visit a variety of wineries and breweries located throughout the region and take behind-the-scenes tours whenever possible.

We can combine the tours with stops at local markets or eateries to enjoy a snack or meal between the various drink stops. Special food pairings at the wineries and breweries are also available upon request.

We can arrange transportation based on group size, budgets, and other specific needs as well as in-home pick-up and drop offs.

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special events

coming soon Our design team can create a full campaign including logo and concept design, artwork development (brochures, posters, flyers), online production (websites, landing pages).

Our sister company and ticket specialist, Gimmel Tickets, can quickly design online ticking pages as well as paper and e-tickets and sponsor pages.

We staff a highly trained customer service team that will help ensure guests receive all the support they need prior to and throughout the event.

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